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What is Phlebotomy?

It is the act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood as a therapeutic measure; also referred to as venesection or bleeding.
The word “phlebotomy” comes from the Greek and Latin and means to excise or cut into the vein. Phlebotomists literally cut into veins to remove blood.

What is a Phlebotomist?

Specialists called phlebotomists draw blood, prepare blood samples and perform manual tests or operate automatic analyzers. The phlebotomist uses a variety of skills and techniques to obtain the best specimen. As a phlebotomist, your main responsibilities are to draw blood from patients either for testing samples or for use by a blood bank.

Why become a Phlebotomist?

The healthcare field is a booming industry, and being a part of that field involves caring for people and their health. People who chose to make phlebotomist their career path told us they chose phlebotomy because it’s the perfect job where you can enjoy flexible hours, and good pay. It can be also an excellent stepping-stone to other positions available within the health care industry.

How much does a Phlebotomist earn?

The salary depends on where you live and work. will give you an idea about the latest trends in the job market.